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casting down footprints in this world, and not looking back to regret the path made. A simple girl, yet a masterpiece carved by the hands of her master above.

loves da bible, running my fingers on a keyboard, listening to music, talking, eating, gazing at nature's beauty. Feels smitten easily just by lying under coverage of stars, staring at them.

journey written down here may have it ups and downs, but let it be a blessing to u =) hop on long enough, and u will see the happy ever after ending with my master above. =)

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This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

moved temporarily to another 'home' @ ahha..i *might* move back to blogspot home. =p
Yes, i m slightly bored.
Note: slightly
Off to work, tata!

~me~ at 9:40 AM
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It is finished =)

Time flies. i still recall how i first arrived in Melbourne.
And now, i have submitted my thesis. I can't believe it. Jane Loke actually managed to write and submit a thesis. a research thesis.

I really couldn't have done it without God. From the time He opened this opportunity for me to study in monash clayton, to the date i submitted the thesis, it is a miracle.

I reflected. He has brought me so far. He has been so faithful in my life, eventhough i may not be that faithful. Step by step, He spurs me on. He has never given up on me. He is my God, my love.

Who would ever thought that Jane could do AND finish Honours? Personally, I m not academically talented. I'm blur (well, most of the time) and slow. I wouldnt consider myself a very hard working person, nor do i consider myself a brilliant girl.

But i am God's princess.

I've learnt to set aside what ppl might think of me (failing badly still). I've learnt tht with God, and the tenacity to perform, miracles happen. I've learnt that patience comes with a price. I've learnt that perseverance must finish its work. I've learnt the challenge to give my best shot.

I've learnt that the ultimate goal is not achieving the scholarship, but to obtain something more valuable..

What is it to me tht if i get the scholarship, but have not learnt patience?
or what is it to me tht if i get the grades i want, but have not learnt to have joy as my strength?

Though yes, i really do hope and pray tht i can get the scholarship. i really do.
I have my plans laid out, sorta, and there's no plan B in it.
Meanwhile, i m looking for jobs. No good news so far, but it's not the end of the world.

but GOd is still good =)

Anyway, having said all these, i really do wanna thank a lot of u, for helping and supporting me this year. For the countless encouragements through sms-es/email/phone calls/stay overs, for the meal and dessert deliveries when i m stressed or ill, for the prayers, for the unwavering supports, for the trust and confidence in me, for the consoling moments when i didnt do as well, for the time taken jsut to be there for me (esp durin my final thesis talk), for the virtual late nites company, for the acts of services such as cooking dinner for me, for the gifts to encourage me, and also for the genuine love-me-for-who-i-am towards me.

Thank you. =) You dont know how much you have contributed.

~me~ at 10:51 PM
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Friday, October 09, 2009

I know i m not suppose to blog, but i m giving myself a break tonight, becausee.......

I'm done with presentations for Honours!! *woohoo~*

Overall, i think i did pretty ok. Wished i have stumbled less, but it's over. Praise GOd that i knew how to tackle the questions, and also how He placed the right ppl at the right time to guide me. ALso praise GOd tht my voice is back! =)

Another thing that really helped calm my nerves down, was the presence of familiar faces in the pool of audience. Apart from my lab colleagues, Megan, Mei, Jin Tat, Swee and Jon Chua were there to support me. So, when i felt nervous during my talk, i looked at them, and they gave me a smile (as compared to the other blank/serious face). Wow..tht really encouraged me to move on. So to you guys, thank you so much for being there. =) I reALLY appreciate it, and especially to Jin Tat and Megan, who actually sat thru almost the whole session of the Honours talk, just so tht u get the chance to talk to me after everything was done. Thank you =0)

Thank you to those who texted me to wish me all the best. Though i did not reply to all (cuz credit kinda bursted as well), but i realy appreciate the support and prayer.

Had a good break during the nite after presentation. Mao's Last Dancer Movie was fantastic! =D

So now, my final hurdle is the thesis itself. =) full on after my sleep tonight.
HOoorah~!! I want to finish it well.

~me~ at 10:36 PM
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Sunday, October 04, 2009


On facebook fast, outing/entertainment fast (unless urgent or necessary), blog fast, msn fast till 26 october.

last lap. gonna run this 3-weeks section of my last student race with all of my heart.....with God. =)

till then, take care! i m still contact-able via phone and email.

See u on 26oct.

~me~ at 8:05 PM
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i know. Another post. i m kinda avoiding work for a while.

how often do u get a quiet sunday evening all to yourself , with home cook noodle soup , and saxaphone music..
not to mention a puuuuurfect weather?


Yes, getting back to work, and my second helping of noodle soup! =D

Maybe teh tarik later.

now...if only my 'work' can turn to leisure reading.

~me~ at 4:09 PM
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Urgency of time and the warning tht life is VERY unpredictable and short is getting into me even more.
Been hearing how ppl died in their sleep, or collapsed, or car accident, etc...

Every night, i have this thought that goes -'what if i'm not able to wake up tmr?'

Morbid i know, but i cant guarantee that i will be alive the next day.
Will i be able to face God? Am i ready?

Or if i were to turn it around - "will i see my family/friends again the next day?''

I wake up, thanking God tht i m alive each day.
Thanking God tht i have some work to do.
Thanking God that I still have my family and friends.

The more i thank Him, the more i cherish them. Probably won't have the chance to say 'i love u' to each one of them, but i will try when opportunities arise.

And a good reminder from Kelvin today was - Things done for self satisfaction will fade away, but things done for Christ will last.

Are we/Am I making a lasting impact, or a fading effect on this earth?

~me~ at 2:08 PM
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Saturday, October 03, 2009

I'm tired, but I'm just gonna keep walking with You...

Footprints in the sand - Leona Lewis

~me~ at 9:39 PM
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